Monitoring cell phone data usage

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Monitor Your Data Usage

But unless your package is truly unlimited you should still know how to keep track of how much you're using. As you can see from the table below, which is based on the average 4G speeds in the UK across the 'big four' providers, it doesn't take long to eat up data if you're streaming audio and video. If you're not looking to stream content in this way, it's unlikely that you'll need more than a few gigabytes every month, despite what a charismatic salesperson might say.

So be wary of contracts that have data in the double digits and unlimited data contracts - you could be overpaying significantly for what you're actually using. We'll show you how to keep track of your data usage, so next time you come to upgrade you'll have a better understanding of how much data you're chewing through each month. The best way to be sure of how much data you need is to monitor how of much of it you're using every month. Smartphones have built-in settings that show you how much data you've been using and which apps have been greedily vacuuming up your precious gigabytes.

It's a case of apps to the rescue when it comes to keeping on top of your minutes. Many of the apps that keep track of data usage can do the same for your minutes and the vast majority are free. Apps such as My Data Manager and Phonalyzr will tell you how many minutes you've used since a certain date.

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Mobile providers also have their own apps, which will keep you up to date with how many minutes you've used as well as show you your bill history. How to keep track of your mobile data and minutes By Martin Pratt. Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Sign up now or login. Easy ways to keep track of your mobile data The best way to be sure of how much data you need is to monitor how of much of it you're using every month. How to find out how much data you've used on an iPhone. Simple tips to save your mobile data Read web pages offline If you're a bit of a news hound or you often find yourself tens of pages deep into a Wikipedia rabbit hole, then it's likely that internet browsing is where you use most of your data.

Rather than loading all the pages using data you can instead use apps, such as Pocket, to download those pages while you're on wi-fi and read them at a later date offline. This is also useful if you're heading somewhere where the signal isn't too good. Change your YouTube video quality YouTube lets you watch videos in a variety of resolutions - from blocky p all the way to crisp 4K.

The small size of phone screens means you don't need to choose the absolute best quality to enjoy a good-looking video. Switching down to p will save you a boat load of data and if you must watch in HD, then choose p rather than p - on phones smaller than 5 inches you'd be hard pressed to see the difference.

To adjust the quality, simply press the three dots in the corner of the video you're watching. Don't let your phone choose 4G over wi-fi Some phones have a setting that allows them to flick between data and wi-fi to give you the strongest signal. That may be good for loading web pages faster, but it isn't good for your data allowance.

Turn this off in your data settings. Watch your bitrate Did you know you could adjust the streaming quality in Spotify? Well you can, and it will save you some precious megabytes. Head into your settings and choose the streaming quality. Don't choose extreme or high quality if you want to cut down on your data usage. You can also make sure Spotify isn't downloading songs using data in this same menu. Downloading is a good idea, though, which leads to our next tip. Download your media over wi-fi Whether its music or video, downloading what you want to consume before you leave the house will save you a tonne of data.

Amazon Video, Netflix, Spotify and streaming apps from broadcasters all let you download your favourite shows and music straight to your device, so there's no need to stream them and use loads of data in the process. How often is your phone checking for emails? Email apps will usually scan for emails automatically. Use DataFlow to track both your cellular and Wi-Fi data with ease.

The app allows you to track all kinds of data plan like monthly, weekly, daily, 30 days, nonrecurring etc. It resets the plan automatically on bill cycle date. Check out the data usage history to view the usage pattern and get to know how you can put a break on unnecessary consumption. Additionally, you can choose from multiple theme styles to customize the appearance. SnapStats is highly useful and does a lot more than just tracking the cellular or Wi-Fi usage on your iOS device.

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It allows you to quickly check out the important stats of your device. As for example, you can instantly find out the system model, boot time, battery usage, data usage, disk usage and more. With the Today widget view, it lets you access the essential stats of your iPhone. Even better, you can use it even offline. You can check out the daily, weekly and monthly trend analysis to get a clear view of data usage. The app alerts you to forecasts providing you the accurate insight. Besides, you can track Wi-Fi usage at home or any hotspot.

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The smart speed test lets you find out the real speed of your network. It provides you the real-time traffic data usage. You can view the monthly summary chart of the data usage.

The dashboard shows the data usage in detail through graphs. As for instance, it displays the leftover data, remaining days and remaining data for each day.

DataMan Pro

Depending on your billing cycle, you can configure the app. It alerts you when you exceed the limit of data usage. It also shows the download bytes as well as upload bytes for each day.

5 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Data Usage

BeeData Widget is a lightweight data and Wi-Fi usage tracker app. The widget can enormously help you in controlling the data usage on your device. It monitors the real-time as well as monthly data usage. The monthly summary chart and historical charts show the data usage in detail. With the clean UI and simple, Bytes looks very familiar. Having monitored your daily data usage, it notifies you about the pace with which you are consuming the data. The widget can be configured to show either daily or monthly data usage. Using the background app refresh feature of your iPhone, it can track the data usage faultlessly. Monitor your data usage more efficiently and never let it go overboard. Data Manager allows you to not just cut down on unnecessary data usage but also lets you check the data speed. App badge makes it easier to view how much data is left. You can also track the amount of Internet data you use over Wi-Fi.